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Job Search Services

In a nutshell, this is my job and my passion, to make your “light shine” so hiring managers quickly grasp that you are a great candidate and must be interviewed.

Have some fun! Maybe you remember singing this song when you were a child. Try one of these youtube links to the song, which one is your favorite?

What are these skills? They are, at least:

  • being able to self-promote
  • writing a strong resume that wins interviews
  • writing a strong cover letter
  • knowing how to look for a job
  • using social media effectively
  • networking to reach key hiring managers
  • interviewing effectively
  • standing out from the competition
  • communicating key strengths and transferable skills
  • describing your history, experience, and personality in the most advantageous way


FlagIron offers services to support you in all of these areas:

  • Resume writing, electronic formatting
  • Cover letters
  • Thank you letters
  • References
  • Salary History
  • Interview coaching
  • Job search strategies
  • LinkedIn Profiles
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