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How to pick a resume writer

Now that you’ve decided to get some help with your resume, how do you choose the person or company you want to work with? Here are some things to consider:

  1. Are the promises realistic? Are you being promised you won’t have to do any work? Not true, your input is critical in creating an effective resume.
  2. Are you being promised it will be ready in 15 minutes? It is not possible to do good work in 15 minutes.
  3. Are you being guaranteed a job? This is an unrealistic stretch:  a good resume should get you an invitation to interview.
  4. Is it one size fits all? Is a format being offered that is the same for everyone? A good resume writer will tailor a document specifically for your unique requirements.
  5. Does the writer have experience writing for your field? Certain fields often require special treatment. Choose a writer with experience in your field or one who knows how to do proper research in your area.
  6. Does the writer have experience writing at your career level? Understanding how to approach an entry level resume or a senior executive or any other resume is critical; the treatments are not the same and require specialized knowledge.
  7. Do you want or need more than just a resume? Resume writers offer multiple services. You should consider what your needs are. Services may include help with a cover letter and thank you letters; coaching for the interview ; career strategy evaluation; coaching guidance for skills, motivation, personality, and values.
  8. What is the writer’s background? How did they come to be a resume writer?
  9. Does the writer have success stories and references? A good resume writer should be able to talk about resumes that worked for clients, and why, and be able to provide references.
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