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Working with Anne on my resume and cover letter brought the breakthrough I've been seeking for years. I have plenty of experience as a valued employee, but I've struggled in presenting myself on paper to gain new opportunities. I also had a break in employment several years ago that may have put me at a disadvantage amongst job-seekers.  I had attended resume writing workshops, scoured the books and even sought individual coaching, but I never felt that I could effectively transfer those tips into my resume and cover letter.


Anne patiently reviewed my works and took the time to discuss the position I seek. Her hands-on approach to working with me allowed her to elicit the details of my work history as relevant to this position application. In the end, I had a beautiful product that fills me with pride. It's as clean and classy as the best examples I've seen and it truly reflects my work. It's a competitive position I seek and I'm hopeful I get the job.  Most importantly, I am so relieved to have a renewed sense of confidence and to finally have Anne as a resource.

- Amy P.

When a potential employer recently asked me to send my resume, I panicked, because updating my resume ranks up there with many forms of torture. I contacted Anne, and in a painless (even fun) session, we gathered up a list of my work skills and experience. When she e-mailed me the rough draft, I was struck by several things. First, the clean and professional presentation got my attention. Upon reading it, I was impressed with her command of the language and descriptive word choice. As I read further, I thought, wow, I don't know who this applicant is, but she's tremendously experienced! And that was what surprised me: the impact on me of reading Anne's draft of my resume. Every bit of it was true, she didn't lie or embellish, and I saw myself in a new light, as a highly skilled, desirable employee. Anne's work gave my self-esteem a giant boost, and I highly recommend working with her.

- Maddy L

Woman Owned Small Business