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Collateral Development

Marketing and sales collateral is extremely important in establishing your “company brand.” It’s the “first impression” you make with new prospects. These items (brochures, flyers, presentations, proposals, etc.) help sales teams generate interest, demonstrate value and build credibility throughout the sales cycle.

Collateral is used at a variety of stages within the sales cycle. Whether used to support new account development, expanding current customer business, or simply meeting a client’s expectation that the collateral should exist the content and design is important.

Poorly written collateral can significantly hinder your sales team’s efficiency and success.

Professional looking and visually appealing materials are important to the success of your campaign. They tell a story about your company and its commitment to your client’s excellence with attention to detail, professionalism and trust.

FlagIron has vast experience creating a wide variety of collateral for different products and services in a number of industries.

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