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Marketing Audits

The purpose of a marketing audit is to assess your overall competitive situation with the goal of improving marketing  effectiveness. A marketing audit can be a valuable investment in how you grow your business.

Regardless of  the size of your company, effective marketing will be a key to success. Some companies do not know where to begin. Others with a marketing department in place may not have conducted an audit for some time. Perhaps senior management would like to get an outside view for additional guidance.

The marketing audit has 5 steps:

  1. We will analyze your internal marketing structure. It will start with an analysis of the internal marketing structure. This will be in the form of a questionnaire you complete.
  2. We will evaluate your current customers. This will initially be an internal questionnaire, however it may be expanded to include a customer survey and specific customer interviews.
  3. We will evaluate your competition. If you keep quote capture data that contains reasons for any  loses, we’ll start by organizing that and expand as needed.
  4. We will review your current sales and marketing plan.
  5. We will provide a summary report and recommendations for future action to meet your growth goals.
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